A day of walking. And walking. And some more walking.

Today me and my friend A went to the market Porta Portese to shop for some stuff we need for the excavation and so on. It was just as it use to be; lots of people and lots of stuff. I usually have a very low temper when it comes to crowds, but I must say that I handled this pretty well today. A small pat on my back from myself, thank you.

We started with cappuccino and cornetto down by Piazzale Flaminio, and the we went on and took the Via Ripetta all the way down to the river. There we walked by the river all the way down to the market. After we visited the market we went up to Trastevere for lunch. Pizza! It was really good. I was a little tired by then, but the pizza and the coca cola did their job. Definitely. We went on to the church Santa Maria in Trastevere, “my” Vicolo del piedi, over the river and back to Campo Marzio, and up to Campidoglio. A did not visit my favorite church the last time she was  here, so we went in. She seem to think that the crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling was kinda strange. It´s true, of course, but I just love this church! She also thought that the small baby Jesus covered in gold and crown and everything was tacky. 

After this we went home. Now we´re just resting for a little bit, and then we´re on for some food shopping. Alright. 



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