Yeah, well.

The first week working is always the worst. By the time you get home, you´re so beat that you can hardly keep your eyes open. There will be more posts here soon. 

Next week I´m going to start digging into the documentation for my research project. Hopefully that will give me some piece of mind, because this last week I haven´t done so much in the research area. I know, it´s only the first week and so.

Well, talk to you later. Have a great night!

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Now this is a lemon!


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The view from my room… not that bad eh?


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A day of walking. And walking. And some more walking.

Today me and my friend A went to the market Porta Portese to shop for some stuff we need for the excavation and so on. It was just as it use to be; lots of people and lots of stuff. I usually have a very low temper when it comes to crowds, but I must say that I handled this pretty well today. A small pat on my back from myself, thank you.

We started with cappuccino and cornetto down by Piazzale Flaminio, and the we went on and took the Via Ripetta all the way down to the river. There we walked by the river all the way down to the market. After we visited the market we went up to Trastevere for lunch. Pizza! It was really good. I was a little tired by then, but the pizza and the coca cola did their job. Definitely. We went on to the church Santa Maria in Trastevere, “my” Vicolo del piedi, over the river and back to Campo Marzio, and up to Campidoglio. A did not visit my favorite church the last time she was  here, so we went in. She seem to think that the crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling was kinda strange. It´s true, of course, but I just love this church! She also thought that the small baby Jesus covered in gold and crown and everything was tacky. 

After this we went home. Now we´re just resting for a little bit, and then we´re on for some food shopping. Alright. 



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A day in the life of me…travelling

On the bus


Check inImageAirport “fika” – 170 dkk… So not worth it Image

H&M is everywhere…apparentlyImageAnybody up for bingo? I know just the place!ImageAfter 8h without anything to eat McD tastes pretty goodImageMust-do-nr1: Icecream at Della PalmaImage

Well hello there… Image

Must-do-nr2: Coffee at Sant’ Eustachio.Image

Small service in the church Santa Maria sopra MinervaImage

This was so good I thought I was gonna fall of my chair. I had never eaten artichoke like this, but this is my absolute favorite so far – fried pieces of artichoke. Oh dear. Image

Nice little installation. Don´t really know what the cellphone is doing there though.Image

Poor lobsters with their claws all tied up.Image

And this monster of a building…Image

Beautiful piece of floor in the church of San Marco by Piazza Venezia.Image

Pink skeleton in store window…Image

Lions, water and an obelisk on Piazza del Popolo.Image

My room.Image

And my room from another angle.Image

Oh, and by the way, I was on the same plane as some of the crew members of Eros Ramazottis NOI-tour. I sat next to one of them, but he wasn´t so chatty. He slept through the entire trip. 

ImageGoodnight, and sleep tight!

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About loosing oneself and finding a way back

These last two years I´ve lost touch of myself. Everyday when I walk through that door to work, a part of me dies. Everyday I feel I´m getting a little dumber. I have completely lost touch of myself and who I am in this absurd climate that is my workplace. 

I could go on and on about this, and all the negative stuff I have to say about this company that I work for, but I choose not to. Not at the moment anyway. I just wanna forget. Just wanna move on. 

One more day to work before I go back to my beloved Rome, and can forget some of this everyday agony. When I get back there´s only 4 more days and after that I´m free. 


Lovely. Can´t wait to get back to myself.

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The light at the end of the tunnel

I can see it now… finally. Two years of captivity will soon be over. Two years of a constant bad feeling…constant angst… constant cult-like indoctrination… Over. O-V-E-R. Over. 

Why haven´t I done anything about this before? Well, one has to survive right, make a living and so on.


That´s why anything drastic hasn´t happened until now. I´ve been trying to get for a long long time, almost since I started working there, but nothing has gone my way. Until now. I´m very happy. 




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